25 June 2019

International Forum of Building Open Global Economy 2019

Panel: Teaming up with worldwide policy coordination to realize more stable and higher global economic growth

Martin Jacques, Zhu Guangyao, Matthew P. Goodman, Wei Jianguo, moderated by Chi Fulin

25 June 2019: 10:40AM – Noon

InterContinental: Osaka, Japan

29-31 May 2019

The Jeju Forum for Peace and Prosperity 2019

Book Signing: When China Rules the World

30 May 2019: 8:30AM- 8:50AM

Panel: Destined for War?: The Future of US-China Relations and its Implications for the Korean Peninsula

Martin Jacques, Prof. Graham Allison, Mr. Li Zhaoxing, moderated by Prof. Chung-in Moon

30 May 2019: 9AM-10AM

International Convention Centre: Jeju, Republic of Korea

25-27 April 2019

The 2nd Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation (BRF) and Belt and the Road Studies Network (BRSN)
Speaker and Participant

25-27 April 2019

Beijing Hotel, Beijing

April 22 2019

Etisalat C-Suite Conference

Speaker: China and its technological transformation, plus Q&A.

April 22 2019

Atlantis Hotel, Dubai

March 8 2019

Talk on China to CGTN Staff.

March 8 2019: 9:30AM-11:30AM

Chiswick, London

Private event.

February 22-24 2019

“Is This China’s Century? conference on China: Camden Conference 2019

Keynote Speaker: “What China Will Be Like As A Great Power”

February 22 2019: 7:30PM

Camden Opera House: Camden, Maine

February 18 2019

Talk to Chinese students: Chinese Young Leaders’ Programme
February 18 2019: 11AM

Chinese Embassy, London
Private event.

December 16-18 2018

3rd Understanding China Conference

Speaker (Panel): “Opportunity II: The Belt and Road Initiative —From Community of Interests to Community of Shared Future” moderated by Ernesto Zedillo (Former President of Mexico; Chairman, 21st Century Council).

December 18 2018: 3:15PM- 4:45PM

Understanding China Conference, co-hosted by China Institute for Innovation and Development Strategy, the Chinese People’s Institute for Foreign Affairs and the 21st Century Council.

Beijing Palace, Beijing Hotel International Convention Centre


December 11 2018

CGTN America televised Town Hall Meeting on ’40 Years and Beyond – China’s Reform and Opening Up’

December 11 2018: 6PM (USET)

Speaker, alongside Chinese leaders and pre-eminent thinkers from the West on  China, in four decades, has developed from a predominantly agrarian society to an industrial powerhouse; its impact on the global economy and the challenges that lie ahead.

Jack Morton Auditorium, George Washington University, Washington D.C. Private event.

December 6-8 2018

Ditchley Foundation Conference

“China and the West: different values, the same global economy. How do we respond to challenges on the premise of mutual respect?”

Conference Rapporteur: Prof. Martin Jacques

December 6-8 2018

The Ditchley Foundation,
Ditchley Park, Enstone, Chipping Norton