Martin Jacques on China: 8 part video series

Part 1: How does China’s global outlook differ from the West’s?


‘The idea of a common future, or a sense of shared destiny, has become a very powerful theme of Chinese foreign policy’

In Part 1 of Martin Jacques on China, Martin Jacques explains China’s growing influence on the world stage, and considers why its global outlook is so different to that of Western countries.

Part 2: Can China transform its economy?


‘Within an extraordinarily short space of time the Chinese economy has become a very innovative economy’

In Part 2 of Martin Jacques on China, Martin Jacques explains China’s ongoing transition from an economy based heavily on labour and manufacturing to one that is innovative, services-led, and consumption based.

Part 3: How has China maintained its fast paced reform agenda?


The reform process is always changing. It doesn’t get stuck: it keeps moving with extraordinary dynamism’

In Part 3 of Martin Jacques on China, Martin Jacques assesses the success of China’s reforms, asks whether the policies have changed the very idea of socialism, and considers how the country has maintained a fast pace of change.

Part 4: How will the CPC continue to innovate?


‘Reform is not a moment. It’s a continuous mode of existence of the Communist Party’

In Part 4 of Martin Jacques on China, Martin Jacques discusses Xi Jinping’s speech at the 19th CPC National Congress in 2017, and considers the ways in which the party has innovated and reformed throughout its existence in order to remain attuned to the needs of the country.

Part 5: Is the Belt and Road China’s Marshall plan?


‘The purpose of the Belt and Road initiative is the transformation of the developing world’

In Part 5 of Martin Jacques on China, Martin Jacques compares the $900-billion dollar Belt and Road initiative to the US Marshall plan at the end of WWII, and considers their differences in scale and purpose.

Part 6: Is China’s anti-corruption drive unprecedented?


‘I can’t think of any other country in the world that has driven a campaign against corruption in the way that China has done’

In Part 6 of Martin Jacques on China, Martin Jacques discusses China’s far-reaching anti-corruption drive, and asks whether it was necessary and how it differs from the approach taken in other countries.

Part 7: How to tackle Hong Kong’s problems?


China’s mistake over Hong Kong was to emphasise “Two Systems” too much, and “One Country” not enough.’

In Part 7 of Martin Jacques on China, Martin Jacques considers how China can help tackle Hong Kong’s problems, and whether ‘One Country’ should be emphasised over ‘Two Systems’.