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Chinese vs. Western governance: The case of COVID-19

23/03/20, People’s Daily 

During January the onslaught in the Western media, notably the US and the UK, against the Chinese government’s handling of the Covid-19 epidemic, was merciless. The Chinese government stood accused of an inhumane attitude towards its people, secrecy, a cover-up, and an overwhelming concern for its own survival above all other considerations. The actual evidence was thin bordering at times on the threadbare but this made little difference to the venom and bile of the assault.

Read the full article here.

The Chinese version of this article is available here.

The tide has turned. There is rapidly growing worldwide respect for what China has achieved in its fight against the coronavirus

Interview with Global Times (English edition)

2 March 2020

Martin Jacques Photo: Sun Wei in London/GT

1. After more than a month since the outbreak of the coronavirus in China, the epidemic has been coming under control inside the country. How do you evaluate China’s efforts in the fight against the epidemic?

Judging by the situation now, China seems to have got on top of it, with the number of new cases declining. By and large, it looks as if China has managed to restrict the worst of it to Wuhan in Hubei Province. I think that the situation is looking encouraging.

Read the full interview here.

The interview with Global Times (English edition) also appeared subsequently in the Chinese edition of Global Times, which follows below:






This decade belonged to China.        So will the next one

31/12/19, The Guardian

Martin Jacques assesses the role and continuing rise of China in the decade 2010 to 2019 in an article published in the Guardian on 31 December 2019.

By 2010, China was beginning to have an impact on the global consciousness in a new way. Prior to the western financial crisis, it had been seen as the new but very junior kid on the block. The financial crash changed all that. Before 2008 the conventional western wisdom had been that sooner or later China would suffer a big economic meltdown. It never did. Instead, the crisis happened in the west, with huge                   consequences for the latter’s stability and self-confidence.

Read the full article here.

23/12/19, CGTN

Martin Jacques speaks forthrightly on the crisis in Hong Kong and what needs to be done.

Produced by T-House for CGTN.

China, The Philippines and a New        World Order

Martin Jacques delivered the Keynote Speech, titled ‘China,                    The Philippines and a New World Order’, at a special                   conference organised by the Chamber of Mines of the                   Philippines to a specially invited audience of leading                   government, media, and business figures, and ambassadors,                      in Manila on 10 September 2019.

Watch the talk below:

Duterte’s ‘pivot to China’

08/09/19, ANC

In early September, Martin Jacques spent several days in                  Manila, giving a series of talks and interviews. Here he joins                      the inimitable Karen Davila on Headstart to talk about the                ongoing US-China trade war, China’s handling of the situation in Hong              Kong and why he thinks President Duterte’s pivot to China is                    the right decision.

Watch the interview below:

Beginnings of a New World Order:            The Rise of China

Martin Jacques delivered the Keynote Speech, titled                   ‘Beginnings of a New World Order: The Rise of China’,                                  at This is Tomorrow, a Symposium organised by the University                   of Bath Institute for Policy Research (IPR).

The sessions was chaired by Professor Nick Pearce, and held                   12 September 2019 at Arts Lecture Theatre, The Edge,                   University of Bath.

Zhang Weiwei and Martin Jacques            on Hong Kong

16/09/19, China Dragon TV Official

During a recent visit to Shanghai, Martin Jacques joined                Professor Zhang Weiwei and other experts to discuss the                    recent unrest in Hong Kong on the popular current affairs                      programme ‘China Now’.

Watch the full programme below:

Chinese governance highly               distinctive, remarkably effective

05/07/19, People’s Daily

Martin Jacques discusses Chinese governance with People’s                      Daily Online on 5 July 2019.

Watch the interview below:

No time for wishful thinking

25/06/19, China Daily Forum at the 2019 G20 Osaka summit

This is the transcript of a talk Martin Jacques gave at a Forum            organised by China Daily at the Osaka G20 on 25 June 2019.

There is no point in building castles in the air. We must live in                      the here and now. I am sure the great majority of us wish we                      were not where we are. We would prefer that the era,                        beginning in the late 1970s, of globalisation and multilateralism,                and that was characterised by relative stability and cooperation                    in the relationship between the US and China, was still in place.                  It is not. And it will not return for a very long time. The reason                      for the breakdown in that old order is profound, as is invariably                    the case with great historical shifts. We need to understand the                causes.

Read the full article here.

When China and the US Collide:
The End of Stability and the
Birth of a New Cold War

30/05/2019, JPI Peace Net

This article was published in JPI Peace Net and presented to
the Jeju Forum for Peace and Prosperity in May 2019, South
Korea, in the opening plenary session “
Destined for War?:
The Future of US-China Relations and its Implications for the
Korean Peninsula”. Speakers included Martin Jacques,
Prof. Graham Allison and Mr. Li Zhaoxing. The panel was
moderated by Prof. Chung-in Moon.

Forty years of relative stability in the US-China relationship are
at an end. That stability had depended on two things. First, a
huge inequality in the relationship, with the US by far the
dominant partner. Second, the long enduring American illusion
that the only future for China, if it was to be successful, was to
become like America. History has undermined both
propositions. Over a period of 40 years, the most remarkable
in global economic history, China overtook the US economy
and is now 20% larger in terms of GDP purchasing power
parity. Furthermore, it is patently clear to everyone that
China is never going to be like the US. The US hugely
miscalculated, a victim of its own hubris. Its response is
a volte face: a desperate search to find ways of reversing
China’s rise or at least slowing it down. The US is right
that the underlying reason for China’s rise is economic.
So it is logical to start with a trade war. But it will not
stop at that. It will encompass all aspects of their
relationship. We are watching the birth of a new cold war.
And the most likely scenario is that it will last a long time,
my guess is at least twenty years.

Read the full article here.


32nd Annual Camden Conference:            Is This China’s Century?

22/02/2019, Camden Conference

Martin Jacques delivered the keynote address at the 32nd
Annual Camden Conference in Camden, Maine, US on
February 22, 2019. The talk was titled “What China
Will Be Like as a Great Power”.

Watch the speech below:

Why is the US moving
toward a new Cold War
against China?

22/05/2019, CGTN

Martin Jacques discusses the West’s fear of China’s progress,
its transformed position on the world stage, and what kind of
great power it will become. One-to-one interview with Liu Xin
on The Point (CGTN) on 22 May 2019.

Watch the interview below:

Interview with Channel 4:
US/China Trade War

13/05/2019, Channel 4 News

Dr Yu Jie and Martin Jacques discusses the US/China Trade
War with Jon Snow on Channel 4 News on 13 May 2019.

Watch the interview below:

Martin Jacques was on a distinguished panel of guests assembled by CGTN, to discuss China’s reform and opening-up policies, and the China-US relationship, during a special Town Hall program recorded at the George Washington University. The panel included Zhou Jingxing, minister-counselor and chief of Political Section, Chinese Embassy in U.S., Yukon Huang, Senior Fellow with the Asia program at Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and author of “The China Conundrum” and Robert Hormats, former U.S. Under Secretary of State and Vice-Chairman at the Kissinger Associates.

Watch the programme here.

People’s Daily: On the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening Up

15/01/2019, People’s Daily

The following article was written by Martin Jacques for People’s Daily on the subject of the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening Up.

A Chinese translation of the article was published in People’s Daily on 15th January 2019.

When Deng Xiaoping launched the special economic zones in Guangdong and Fujian provinces in 1978, encouraging farmers to sell some of their produce in the newly created markets, and then seeking foreign investment in the new zones, nobody in the world, not even Deng himself, could have imagined that China would, in a handful of decades, experience the most remarkable economictransformation in human history. It is a wonderful story; and from such humble origins. China, of course, is intimately familiar with this story, but the western world still remains largely ignorant of it. More

 Read the Chinese version of the article here.

Can the West’s democracy survive China’s rise to dominance?

14/6/18, The Economist

The following article by Martin Jacques was a contribution to the debate ‘Should the West worry about the threat to liberal values posed by China’s rise?‘, part of Economist Debates. It was originally published on the Economist website. 

For long the West has thought that history is on its side, that the global future would and should be in its own image. With the end of the cold war and the implosion of the Soviet Union, this conviction became stronger than ever. The future was Western; nothing else was imaginable. Of course, already, well before the end of the cold war, in 1978 to be exact, China had started its epic modernisation such that, in the annals of history, 1978 will surely prove to be a far more significant year than 1989. During China’s rise, hubris continued to shape the West’s perception and understanding of China. As the latter modernised it would become increasingly Western, it was supposed: Deng’s reforms marked the beginning of the privatisation and marketisation of the Chinese economy—its political system would in time become Western, otherwise China would inevitably fail.

Read the full article here.

The Challenge that the CPC presents the World as a Very Different Form of Governance in the Era of Globalisation

24/11/18, Third Symposium on International Ccpology

This talk was delivered by Martin Jacques at the Third Symposium on International Ccpology at Fudan University on November 24 2018.

There is a profound ignorance in the West about Chinese governance. The dominant attitude is still essentially dismissive. There are two main reasons for this. The first is that Chinese governance is based on entirely different values and principles to those that inform Western governance. The idea of Western democracy has been the main calling card of the West since 1945 and, for countries like the US and the UK, much longer. In Western eyes, the legitimacy of any political system is measured by the extent to which it approximates to universal suffrage, a multi-party system, the separation of powers and the rule of law. Such is the commitment to these notions that it is not an exaggeration to suggest that Western democracy is viewed in terms that are akin to the ‘end of history’. They are regarded as indispensable for good governance and cannot be improved upon in their essentials. The second reason is the legacy of the cold war, which continues to exercise a profound influence on Western thinking – and elsewhere too, though usually to a rather lesser extent. Communism and Communist Parties are still deeply associated in the western mind with the history, experience and fate of the CPSU.

Read the entire talk here.

Talk on Belt and Road: Abu Dhabi Ideas Weekend 2018

19/06/2018, Ideas Abu Dhabi

Martin Jacques delivered the talk below at the Abu Dhabi Ideas Weekend in March 2018. The talk was on how China’s Belt & Road Initiative will change the world.

In March 2018, the Abu Dhabi Ideas Weekend welcomed some of the brightest and most interesting minds from the UAE and around the world to discuss four of the most important moonshot challenges facing our planet. The event was inspired by the world-famous Aspen Ideas Festival that has been taking place in Colorado since 2005, as a place for scientists, artists, politicians, business leaders, historians and educators to discuss some of the most fascinating ideas of our time. The 2018 Abu Dhabi Ideas Weekend topics included: “Polarisation: Bridging the gaps”, “Cancer: An end in sight?”, “Artificial Intelligence: Our super-intelligent friend?” and “The Modern Silk Road: A new era of globalisation”.

In conversation with Martin Jacques is Julian Gewirtz, a Fellow in History and Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

TED Talk: Understanding the Rise of China

This hugely successful TED talk in London has now had over 2 million views. Martin Jacques asks: How do we in the West make sense of China and its phenomenal rise?

China’s ‘New Era’: Progress or Jeopardy?

09/10/18, Asia House

In October 2017, China’s 19th Party Congress adopted the ‘Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era’ – giving the Chinese leader a status unmatched except by Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping.

George Magnus, author of the new book, ‘Red Flags: Why Xi’s China is in Jeopardy’, joined the Asia House Bagri Foundation Literature Festival to discuss the implications of this “new era” for China. He was in conversation with Martin Jacques, author of the global bestseller ‘When China Rules the World: The Rise of the Middle Kingdom and the End of the Western World,’ and Dr Yu Jie, Head of China Foresight at LSE.

Sinologist sees China changing the world

The following article was published in China Daily on October 10 2018.

China’s rapid growth since the reform and opening-up process began in 1978 has not only been an economic miracle for the nation, but it has also offered a new development model for other emerging economies, said Martin Jacques, author of the global bestseller When China Rules the World.

In doing so, China has proved the inaccuracy of the previous consensus that the Western model of development was the only path to success.

Effectively, Jacques said, China has inspired other emerging countries to explore development paths that are suitable for their own situations.

Read the full article here.

Martin Jacques on China: 8 part series

Part 8: Why are we threatened by the rise of China?

‘One reason people feel threatened by the rise of China is because actually they are very ignorant about China.’

In Part 8 of Martin Jacques on China (presented by CGTN), Martin Jacques wonders whether the West will ever make sense of the rise of China, and explains that concerns about a more aggressive China mainly arise from the Cold War hostility and Western ignorance.

Part 1: How does China’s global outlook differ from the West’s?

Part 2: Can China transform its economy?

Part 3: How has China maintained its fast-paced reform agenda?

Part 4: How will the CPC continue to innovate?

Part 5: Is the Belt and Road China’s Marshall Plan?

Part 6: Is China’s anti-corruption drive unprecedented?

Part 7: How to tackle Hong Kong’s problems?

‘The man of the moment in China’  

(Double click on video for full screen)

Prescient author now rules the roost

17/11/17, China Daily, all editions worldwide
1/12/17, Daily Telegraph

Martin Jacques, the journalist and academic, is now seen by many as the man of the moment in China.

Click here to access PDF of the full article, published in China Daily on 17th November 2017. The article was written by Andrew Moody.

Let’s celebrate reform’s 40th anniversary

The following article by Martin Jacques appeared in China Daily, 20th January 2018.

20/01/18, China Daily 

As momentous historic events go, China’s reform period was relatively unheralded. Little did anyone realize at the time – probably no one, in fact – that 1978 would enter the history books as one of the most important years in modern history.

We should not be surprised. At the time, the Chinese economy was a mere one-twentieth of the size of the US economy, with a per capita GDP roughly on a par with that of Zambia, lower than half of the Asian average and lower than two-thirds of the African average. China’s impact on the world was very limited, even in East Asia.

Read the full article here.

One to One Interview with Martin Jacques

19/10/17, The Heat

On October 19th, Martin Jacques did this one-to-one interview on China in Washington DC with Anand Naidoo, the host of The Heat, CGTN America’s flagship current affairs programme.

Part One:

Part Two:

CCTV Profile

This short profile was broadcast on CCTV News and other CCTV channels in May 2016.

Double click for full screen. 

Martin Jacques and Shashi Tharoor discuss China and India

21/4/16 – Credit Suisse Global Megatrends Conference

Watch Martin Jacques in conversation with Shashi Tharoor, exploring what will define the progress of China and India over the coming years. As part of the Credit Suisse Global Megatrends Conference in Singapore. Moderated by Martin Soong (CNBC Asia).

Double click for full screen. 

For a report on the discussion please see this article by Jo-ann Huang in The Straits Times. 

Harinder Veriah Trust

Martin Jacques is chairman of the Harinder Veriah Trust, a charity providing vital support to underprivileged girls in Malaysia, helping them to get the best from their schooling and achieve an education that will transform their lives.

To learn more about the trust watch the video below and visit their website.

University of Melbourne – When China Rules the World

On 18th September 2012, Martin Jacques gave a talk at the University of Melbourne as part of a public lecture series organised by Asialink, questioning ‘Australia’s Role in the World’. This highly popular YouTube video of his lecture has over 200,000 views.

Recent Media

Beginnings of a New World Order: The Rise of China

Martin Jacques delivered the Keynote Speech, titled ‘Beginnings of a New World Order: The Rise of China’, at This is Tomorrow, a Symposium organised by the University of Bath Institute for Policy Research (IPR).

The sessions was chaired by Professor Nick Pearce, and held 12 September 2019 at Arts Lecture Theatre, The Edge, University of Bath.

Video copyright held by the University of Bath.

Zhang Weiwei and Martin Jacques on Hong Kong

16/09/19, CHINA NOW

Professor Zhang Weiwei and Martin Jacques discuss the recent unrest in Hong Kong on Episode 35 of ‘CHINA NOW’.

Watch the full programme below:

Duterte’s ‘pivot to China’

08/09/19, Headstart, ANC

Martin Jacques joins Karen Davila on ANC Headstart to talk about the ongoing US-China trade war, China’s handling of the situation in Hong Kong and why he thinks President Duterte’s pivot to China is the right decision.

Watch the interview below:

Chinese governance highly distinctive, remarkably effective

22/05/19, People’s Daily Online

Martin Jacques discusses Chinese governance with People’s Daily Online on 5 July 2019.

Watch the interview below:

China: a post-neoliberal order?

09/07/18, New Internationalist

The following interview with Martin Jacques originally appeared in the New Internationalist.

Read the full interview here.

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    CGTN Global Media Summit and VMF 2019


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    What will China be like as a great power: causes for optimism

    The 6th Global China Dialogue: Governance for World Peace, organised by the Global China Institute, the Centre for Applied Linguistics, University College London, and the China Media Centre of the University of Westminster

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