April 11 2018

Seminar: Understanding China

Speakers include Zheng Bijian, Felippe Gonzales, Huang Ping, He Jiahong & Martin Jacques

Organised by China Institute for Innovation & Development Strategy (CIIDS) and Berggruen Institute’s 21st Century Council

Corinthia Hotel, London SW1 2BD, UK

By invitation only

2nd-3rd March 2018

Conference: Abu Dhabi Ideas Weekend 2018 in conjunction with the Aspen Institute

Talk: ‘China’s Belt and Road initiative will change the world as we know it’

NYU Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


3rd February 2018

Conference: ‘China’s Perspectives Redefined’. China Development Forum 2018

Closing Speech: Martin Jacques

Co-organised by: The LSE SU China Development Society; LSE Institute of Global Affairs; 48 Group Club; Confucius Institute.

LSE, London

17th January 2018

Panel Discussion: ‘The New Times’, organised by the New Statesman.

Speakers: Martin Jacques, Jason Cowley, Evan Davis, Ros Wynne-Jones

7-9 pm

B5 Lecture Theatre, King’s College London, Waterloo Campus, SE1 9NH


26th November 2017

Talk: ‘They said I was too optimistic about China, but I wasn’t optimistic enough!’

2pm (TBC)

Live audience and streamed live, website

Shanghai, China

20th November 2017

Lecture: China’s Great Renaissance

Private Event


Fudan University, Shanghai, China

1st November 2017

Special Guest Lecture

Title: China and the United States: Travelling in Opposite Directions


Yenching Academy, Peking University, Beijing, China

28th-29th October 2017

Speaker at Thinkers’ Forum on Chinese Socialism organized by China Institute, Fudan University and,

Shanghai, China

20th October 2017

Public Lecture, ‘The Threat Posed By Trump: China’s Great Challenge’


Fudan University, Shanghai, China

16th October 2017

Panellist in Public Town Hall Meeting on the forthcoming Congress of the Chinese Communist Party hosted by CGTN

Washington DC, USA