22nd September 2015

Opening Plenary Address at the Faith, Reason and World Affairs Symposium, Concordia College

Moorhead, Minnesota

Exploring the political, economic, environmental, cultural, and security implications of China’s rise, the 2015 Faith, Reason and World Affairs Symposium will be opened by Martin Jacques. Speakers include Minxin Pei and Elizabeth Economy.

7.30pm: Opening Address, “What are the implications of China’s rise for the Global Order?”

27th June 2015

Guest Speaker at Fourth Global Think Tank Summit, Forum IV, Panel II &emdash; Opportunities and Challenges Facing Chinese Think Tanks

Beijing, China

4.30 – 6.00pm: China World Hotel, Beijing

21st May 2015

Talk on China to Ma'aden Board of Directors
Salzburg, Austria

Private Event

14th May 2015

Talk at Leigh Day: ‘China is transforming the world with extraordinary speed. So why are we [in the UK] barely aware of it?’

London, UK


29th April 2015

Event organised by Business China: 'When China Rules the World'

Temasek Junior College Auditorium, Singapore

2.30-5pm: Private event.

22nd–25th April 2015

Research trip to Kuala Lumpur


(Including interview with former Malaysian premier Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad)

15th–18th April 2015

Research trip to Jakarta


12th April 2015

Lecture at Beijing University of Technology, Beijing: 'Why China will be a very different kind of great power'

Beijing, China

11th April 2015

Keynote speech to Chinese Economic Association: 'After the AIIB: What we now know, but perhaps wasn't so clear before'

Tsinghua University, Beijing

30th March 2015

Lecture at National Institute for South China Sea Studies

Haikou, Hainan