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As Britain decides whether it supports Obama’s warships, or if it’s trying to re-affirm its support for AIIB bank and a nation that has brought more than 600 million people out of poverty in one generation, Going Underground – an online current affairs programme – spoke to Martin Jacques.

China’s President Xi Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan wave as they board their aircraft to return to China, at Manchester airport in Britain.

There were emotional scenes as President Xi Jinping and his wife, Peng Liyuan, waved while their limousine swept out of Albert Square in Manchester at the conclusion of their weeklong state visit to the UK.

Thousands of Chinese, many of them local students, surrounded the square in front of the city’s town hall, a symbol of Britain’s Victorian industrial power, where the couple had just had lunch with civic leaders. They shouted, “Xi Dada! Xi Dada”, a term of endearment, referring to him as uncle.

This was no manufactured nationalism, as some of the British media had suggested, but reflected both a youthful nationalism and a confidence in the new direction of the country.

Apart from South African president Nelson Mandela nearly two decades ago, you would have to go back to perhaps 1977 to witness such crowd scenes for a foreign leader’s visit. It was then that US president Jimmy Carter famously ventured to another northern English city – Newcastle upon Tyne.

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T N Ninan – This is an edited extract from The Turn of the Tortoise: The Challenge and Promise of India’s Future published on October 9.


Hainan Island lies off the south-western coast of China, jutting into waters stirred by controversy. At its southern tip, China has built a massive naval base with subterranean hiding places for nuclear submarines, and long piers for parking the aircraft carriers it will build. The South China Sea stretches from there into territory claimed controversially by China and contested by other South East Asian countries. Hainan is also touted as China’s answer to Hawaii, another sunny spot where a key naval base exists side by side with sandy beaches and palm-fringed holiday resorts. Flights land at Hainan’s Haikou airport from all corners of the region. Bullet trains speed you from the airport in the north to the holiday resorts in the south.

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BEIJING, Sept. 26 (Xinhua) — Overseas experts have expressed optimism about global influence of the Chinese economy, saying that China’s economic restructuring and reforms and maintenance of stable growth will create opportunities for common development of the world.

Commenting on a somewhat slowdown in China’s economic growth and a downward pressure faced by the Chinese economy, the experts generally believed that for the Chinese economy which has already profoundly integrated itself into the global system, such fluctuations and setbacks are actually related to the process of global economic revival.

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