27th October 2009

Lecture at LSE - ‘When China Rules the World’

London, England

6.30pm: Old Theatre

23rd October 2009

Aneurin Bevan Memorial Lecture, ‘When China Rules the World’

Swansea, Wales

20th October 2009

Address All Party Parliamentary China Group, House of Commons

London, England

14th October 2009

Lecture at Asia House

London, England

14th September – 10th October 2009

Promotional Tour of East Asia

29th September – 1st October 2009


23th – 26th September 2009

Hong Kong

24th September 2009

Foreign Correspondents Club

Hong Kong, China

18th – 19th September 2009


18th September 2009

Lecture at Lee Kwan Yew Institute of Public Policy, National University of Singapore, chaired by Kishore Mahbubani

Singapore, Singapore