Chinese President Xi Jinping has made the ‘China Dream’ one of his key policies. This dream is broadly defined as the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. What are its implications for China’s neighbours? And whose dream is it anyway? Martin Jacques and others in discussion.

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Watch Martin Jacques in conversation with Shashi Tharoor, exploring what will define the progress of China and India over the coming years.

By 2030, China and India’s economies are forecast to collectively be twice as large as that of the United States. The discussion explored which of the two powers will emerge as the larger economy in the next decade. From their types of government to their economic policies, however, each country is distinctly different. In a pluralist, multipolar world, is a “China versus India” debate still relevant? If so, who will emerge economically stronger and why? Is it policy, politics, resources, or demographics that provide an advantage to one over the other?