The 5th World Forum on China Studies, themed “China’s Modernization: Road and Prospect,” came to a close at the Shanghai Exhibition Center on the late afternoon of March 24.

Martin Jacques, visiting senior fellow at IDEAS, London School of Economics and Political Science, delivered his keynote speech at the ceremony, entitled “China’s Modernization and its Transformation of the World.” He is renowned for his influential book “When China Rules the World.” He clarified his viewpoint that China will undergo a profound transformation and complete its modernization drive over the next two decades.

“Such is the size of the Chinese economy, now let alone in the future, that the impact of China’s modernization on the rest of the world will be enormous,” Jacques said. “This carries enormous responsibilities and challenges for China.”

Wang Zhan, deputy secretary-general of the CPC Shanghai Committee and president of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, delivered a speech entitled “Bringing Consensus-Based Oriental Culture into the Mainstream Values.” He emphasized the significance of the forum, which in fact provides a platform for the interchange of great ideas in China studies.

Wang suggested the re-interpreting of Chinese culture’s traditional elements in a creative way, and the development of a consensus among different cultures through expanding their overlapping areas.

Finally then, host Li Qi, deputy director-general of the Publicity Department of the CPC Shanghai Committee, expressed his heartfelt gratitude to those scholars who enthusiastically participated in the sessions and panels.