Few expected the military might of the world to change so drastically in 1910 to 2010. The change in 2011 to 2111 will no doubt be far greater.

In 1910 to 2010, no country was powerful enough to take over the entire world. I leave out Hitler’s unrealized dreams since Hitler falls into the idiot category on the scale of human intelligence.

The word “development” as it applies to a person or a country became common in the 19th century. Darwin (died in 1882) noted that human beings, once considered one of the weakest species, compared with beasts like lions or tigers, were later armed with weapons that could kill at a distance and humans were then the most powerful and rapacious creatures.

What changes were brought about in the period between the years 1910 to 2010?

With the development of science and technology, weapons were becoming more and more sophisticated as more effective killers and destroyers.

Sensational was the appearance of nuclear weapons. Those weapons were to appear in Germany, and if they did, Hitler would have used them and would have defeated Russia as well as the United States and perhaps the rest of the world.

In his now famous letter of 1939 to President Roosevelt, Albert Einstein, the greatest German physicist of genius, alerted the U.S. president to the fact that Germany was working on developing deadly nuclear weapons and that the United States should expedite nuclear research and development to get those weapons first.

Roosevelt heeded Einstein’s warning, initiated the Manhattan Project, and the nuclear bomb was obtained by the United States ahead of Hitler’s Germany.

In my columns, I keep trying to bring to the attention of the free countries the fact that they cannot go on ignoring the glaring threat to their existence coming from the “People’s Republic of China,” which disregards public opinion, manages to get away with violating basic human rights of its own citizens, keeps amassing its military might by stealing the U.S. secret military technology, and attracting the best scientists from other countries.

China already is powerful enough to challenge international laws to its own advantage: all that in view of the entire world!

I dread to think that the process may become irreversible, that there won’t be a free country left which would be able to resist the China military giant. Judging by the ineptitude of U.S. President Barack Obama, who keeps pandering to China to advance his own Marxist agenda so that he could borrow from it more money thereby getting our country deeper and deeper in debt, makes the picture gloomy.

There’s still time for the people of these United States to stop Obama in his tracks and elect another President Roosevelt, who will put an end to Obama’s policy of defeatism and self-destruction.

I recall that a while ago I reviewed the book “When China Rules the World: The End of the Western World and the Birth of a New Global Order” by Martin Jacques (The Penguin Press, New York, 2009).

The only useful information about the author is that he is the “former editor of the highly influential [in Britain or in China?] journal Marxism Today until its closure in 1991.”

Lenin and other “founders of Soviet Russia”claimed that “Soviet Russia” was what Marx had meant it to be. But later (under Stalin, who died in 1953) the Soviet propaganda claimed that the “Soviet Russia” had sprung from the Russian mentality, superior to other nationalism. It was forgotten that the “German Nazism” was said to have come from the (German) “National socialism” seated in the German brain.

China should be reminded that it originated as a Marxist country, despite the efforts of its official propaganda to claim that it originated from the Chinese mind, as being the most profound in the universe.

How did Martin Jacques arrive at his conclusion that the Western world has ended and that culturally “the West will yield” to China? The West has created music of genius, which is being performed in all culturally European countries (and, incidentally, performances of Western classical music are becoming more and more popular in China itself!). Exhibits of great Western paintings, on loan from museums or private collectors, travel from country to country and are being viewed and admired by millions of people. Western literature never gets tired of creating new masterpieces.

The birth of a genius is a sporadic phenomenon. Nor can a society be expected to be graced with its future eternal global power. Before the Tiananmen massacre, China remained unnoticed for more than a thousand years. Now is the time to get a closer look at China’s aggressive behavior and save the U.S. and other free countries.

– Lev Navrozov can be reached at levnavrozov@gmail.com